The saga of Queen Lathyo that lived in the deep forest in Wales.

Lathyo met a noble noob and they fall in love with each other. They decided to marry each other and build a castle.  But life start to be boring in the castle and needed some action. People start to move into the area and many started to work in the castle. Beautiful Lathyo was the beauties Queen ever in the entire world. The humble noob was doing everything that he could to keep The Queen happy. One day Queen want to come out and see a little bit more, Humble noob created a flying dragon to be able to fly around with. Still needed more so humble noob created more worlds. Queen Lathyo needed some recreation place so humble noob created: Lathyo beach. Finally, Lathyo World grew to many different worlds so humble noob created an entrance to the worlds.

Queen Lathyo lived in her worlds together with humble noob to the end of their Roblox life.

We started the Lathyo concept with Lathyo World and Lathyo Beach. Both were popular so we created more games like Lathyo 1 and Lathyo 2.

The entrance to Lathyo Worlds.

In the end, Lathyo concept didnt end up as expected and we decided to turn it down and make time for other games.

The lovelly Lathyo continued in Relax game. 

This time Lathyo have a big mansion with flying cars and pool areas. Mansion named to Blossom hills. You can enter all mansions in the game by put the code 1234 in the gates number pad and open.

Lathyo continued in one of the latest games: Cart rides with signs.

In thus game we have Jade park that is a blossom park.

Lathyo is a creation of a dream, a person that everyone would dream to love. The beauty blowing our minds and real life existence. The person can be anyone. It doesnt matter if its black or white or a mixture of the both. The perfect love and creation may be out there.


We defenetly do not recommand use Roblox platform for to find the perfect love and specially if you are underage. Many people use love as a way to get atention and do0 not have real intencion to anything more than get in the flash light. Final words: Its only a game.If its hurt you its your problem.

Be ready that sick minds may want you to be next to get in love. Beautiful avatar i the first step. Next is personal contact by social media or even a phone number. Next is to put you around the finger.

Offcourse we need to tell that there is few that may have real intentions as well. But we would not recommand to try to find anyone on a game platform.

We have seen some really bad experiences and results that did not end up good.

GoldenNoob dating guide.

1.You are being contacted  by friend request on roblox by a person you do not know.

2. Person asking how old are you and where you live.

3. Now start the trust creation to build trust between you two.

4. Giving you a phone number you should use for snapchat or similar secure app.

At this stage ask if you can call this number and talk in person. Contact your parents and show the chats and what you being talking about.Tell your parents to continue the chat to see the intention of the other person. If other person start to get very intime and ask for photos, they also may send photos to you that offcourse not photos of the real person. At this stages important to call police and follow their guidance.